History Of Casinos


Gambling has been part of everyday life for as far as we can go back in time. However, the phenomenon of gambling is relatively new. The word “casino” originates from “casa”, which means “house” in Italian. It therefore designates a place of relaxation. The appearance of playrooms dates back to the 17th century. Several centuries later, the internet is offering a real revolution to the gambling industry. Here is the history of land and virtual casinos:

The Birth Of Casinos

It was in the 17th century that we started to be interested in gambling. Indeed, it was during this period that the rich commissioned studies from brilliant mathematicians like Blaise Pascal and Galileo, in order to learn about the mechanisms of card and dice games. Their goal was to find a strategic plan to win. It was therefore after the publication of these studies that gambling became very popular. This is the starting point in the history of casinos.

It was during this period that Europeans started with the lottery, which was then adopted by religious and notables to organize raffles to raise funds. Then the traders in turn follow this movement. There were even raffles to sell real estate or jobs. Given the success and the funds raised, the government understood the interest and decided to legalize gambling. Thus in 1638, the first official casino appeared in a Venetian palace.

In France, it was during the reign of Louis XIV that games of chance became very popular, especially at court. However, it was not until the end of the 18th century that the very first rooms devoted to gambling appeared. The trend therefore extends to the United States, where betting is illegal. In 1931, the State of Nevada allows the operation of casinos, hence the birth of Las Vegas as we know it today. Since then, casinos have become very popular in many countries.

The History Of Online Casinos

It was more than 20 years ago, in 1994, that online casinos appeared. Gambling is therefore becoming much more accessible and accessible to more people. Indeed, before this date, it was necessary to go to land-based casinos to be entertained by playing casino games. Since this date in the history of online casinos, the number of online casinos has increased rapidly, to the delight of gamblers.

Electronic Casino Games

In recent years, a new form of gambling has increasingly appeared in real and virtual casinos. These are the games in electronic form, which resemble traditional games, except that the games are digitized. This form of gambling has already been present in Canada for many years and is starting to experience great success in Belgian and French casinos. However, electronic gaming is not permitted in all countries. It allows players to place bets completely anonymously, without having to worry about the looks of dealers or other players.

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